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HIKE FOR GOOD LUNGS. Support Lung Association in Memory of Gin Goon

Spring is here with budding trees and running streams from the melting snow. We appreciate the beauty of nature and honor our late founder Mr. Gin Goon. Many of us find relief and inspiraion on the close encounter with nature through hiking. After a hush winter, spring has arrived. Rain or storm won't last for a whole day. In CMCNY hikes, regardless of the hiking distance or difficulty levels, the hikers learn how to enjoy the hikes. They make friends with fellow hikers and through talking, some personal problems got resolved. With the hardwork and sweating, some hikers realize that they had lost some pounds. Mr. Gin Goon had established the tradition in CMCNY that hiking is not just body building but mind building too. During the Spring season, CMCNY keeps up the tradition of fundraising for AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION. Last year we raised $7,000 to American Lung Association. Giving is the joy of life.

Saturday 5/25/2024 - Memorial Day Family Camping at Kenneth Wilson State Park (Full)
Kenneth Wilson State Park, Catskill, NY
***Registration at full capacity: New registration will join the waiting list. (5/25-5/27) With the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, Kenneth Wilson campground features large, secluded and wooded campsites. Facilities on site include flush toilet, hot shower, play fields, beaches and boat/canoe rentals. There are plenty of bike routes nearby and hiking in the Catskill Mountains. Prepare your own camping equipment. Register and pay before 5/11/2024. Limit to 40 people. Fee includes 1st night BBQ: $30 /adults; $12 /children under 12 of age.
Meeting Time/Place: Contact leaders for details
Leaders: Kwok-Chi Ng/Chung Leung/Davy Mak -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 5/25/2024 - ALA Fundraising: West Mountain - Timp Torne, 6 & 8 Mile Day Hike / Level B & C
Harriman State Park, NY
Hike for a good lung. Support American Lung Association in Memory of Gin Goon. Starting at the Anthony Wayne Parking Area, follow the White trail, then the FAWN (red) trail and then the Timp-Torne (blue) trail to meet the AT trail at West Mountain. Enjoy the many lookout points along the ridge. Short distance hikers follow Yellow trail to return to parking lot after lunch at the shelter. Avid hikers venture out to the Timp for lunch, then return by the 1777 Red trail back to the parking lot.
Meeting Time/Place: 8:30 AM at the trailhead
Leaders: Jessica Liu/MeiSheng Liu -- Click to sign on the activity

Sunday 5/26/2024 - ALA Fundraising: Catskill Slide Mountain Range Hike, 15 miles Level D
Slide Mountain Wilderness, Catskill, NY
Hike for good lungs on exploring the Catskill Mountains. Starting from the CR-47 Slide Mountain hikers parking lot, hike up to the Burroughs mountain range. Follow the Wittenberg/ Cornell (red) trail to visit the summits of Slide Mountain, Cornell Mountain, Wittenberg Mountain and Table Mountain. The gorgeous views on the summits worth the hardwork on this exploration hike. Descend with a relaxed walk on the Long Path trail to the WoodLand Valley Campground. Follow the yellow trail to the trailhead parking.
Meeting Time/Place: Team #1 starts 7:30AM; Team #2 starts 9:00AM at the trailhead
Leaders: Ling Zhou/John Li/Carina Li/Chung Leung -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 6/1/2024 - Lake Askoti - Lemon Squeezer Loop Hike / Levels B & C
Harriman State Park, NY
Follow ASB all the way to the huge boulders of Lemon Squeezer. Get the experience of squeezing between the boulders. Return by the White Bar, Dunning and the Long Path. Level C hikers extend the hike to Island Pond and Valley of Boulders. Enjoy the summer scenery.
Meeting Time/Place: 8:30AM at Trailhead
Leaders: Cherry Lau/Sharon Yen -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 6/1/2024 - Norvin Green/ Weis Nature Center 12+ Mile Hikes, Levels C & D
Norvin Green State Forest, NJ
From Weis Center, go up Ball Mtn. to the Vista point. Come downhill to Roomy Mine and view the cascades along the Blue Mine Brook. Continue on the Highland Trail to visit High Point which is famous for its rock ledges, pitch pines and panoramic view. Branch off to visit the lookout points at Carris Hill. Return to Weis Center by the service road. Avid hikers can extend the hike to the trails on Buck Mtn. *No Carpool Arrangement
Meeting Time/Place: 8:30 AM at the trailhead
Leaders: Iris Liu -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 6/8/2024 - Pyramid Mountain 6 - 9 Mile Hikes / Levels B & C
Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area, NJ
This is a natural preserve in the heart of the suburban Morris County, NJ. About 18,000 years ago, the Wisconsin Glacier deposited a number of extraordinary boulders and created beautiful landscapes with numerous swamps and streams in the area. Those in turn, help nourish the amazing array of wildflowers, birds and wild animals in this densely forested park. The area contains a maze of trails with many hidden viewpoints like the Tripod Rock, Bear Rock and to just naming a few. Therefore follow the trip leader and take your time to visit these interesting places. For faster hikers, they can extend the hike to Turkey Mountain and visit the reservoirs.
Meeting Time/Place: Meeting Time/Place: 8:30AM at PMNHA Visiting Center, Kinnelon, NJ
Leaders: Homer Hsieh/Lucy Yu -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 6/8/2024 - Ward Pound Ridge Reservation Rocks Trail Hike / Level B & C
Westchester County, NY
The hilly terrain in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation is a mix of second-growth hardwood forest, hemlock, laurel, bold rock outcroppings, steep ravines, wetlands, open meadows and mountain ridges. Start from the Michigan Road Parking Lot, take the Red Trail to explore the Leatherman's Cave Loop. Crossover to the Rocks Trail to visit the Dancing Rock, Bear Rock Petroglyph, Spy Rock, Castle Rock, Raven Rock and Indian Rock Shelter. Take the Blue Trail to Kimberly Bridge and walk along the beautiful Cross River. Leave the River on the Fox Hill Trail to visit the Trailside Nature Museum and then back to the parking lot.
Meeting Time/Place: 8:30 AM Ward Pound Ridge Reservation Michigan Rd. Parking area
Leaders: Chwen (Jun) Best/Cherry Lau -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 6/8/2024 - ALA Fundraising: Biking Old Westbury to Oyster Bay - 40+ miles
Old Westbury to Oyster Bay, Long Island NY
Bike for good lungs. Support ALA fundraising in memory of Gin Goon. Starting from the IU Willet Middle School, bike on country roads to Oyster Bay. Visit Sagamore Hill, Roosevelt Memorial Sanctuary, Planting Fields Arboretum and many gorgeous estates on the way. This trip will be biking on a shared road with some/normal car traffic. Total elevation gain is 2000+ feet.
Meeting Time/Place: 8:30 AM IU Willet Middle School
Leaders: Diana Lu/Kwok-Chi Ng/Nancy Liang -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 6/15/2024 - Guided Kayaking + Bannerman Castle Tour/ Level B
Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY
Storm King Adventure Tours in Cornwall-on-Hudson offers a 3-hour guided tour to visit the famous Bannerman Castle! Begin your adventure by taking a leisurely paddle across the Hudson River before arriving at Wee-bay. We then make our way up from the shore on the walking trails. A Bannerman Castle Historian then directs a tour along the walkways. This tour is best for those who enjoy learning about our local history. Light hiking and many stairs are apart of this tour. Round trip paddling distance of approximately 2.5 miles. Limit to 25 people and members only. $90/pp Registration before 7/10/2023.
Meeting Time/Place: 9:30 AM at Storm King Adventure Tours,
Leaders: Jimmy Xing -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 6/15/2024 - Four Lakes Hike, 8-10 miles/ B & C levels
Harriman State Park, NY
From the Sebago Boat Launch parking, take the 7-Hills trail to the lookout points on Diamond Mtn. Hike down to Pine Meadow Lake from Yellow and to Lake Wanoksink from unmarked road. Change to the TMI trail-Wood Town Road and Yellow to Resevoir 3. After Walking on the Breakneck ridge enjoying the expansive view of the Breakneck pond. Enjoy leisure smooth walk down Buck Trail (yellow) and Blue trail to the parking lot on Lake Sebago.
Meeting Time/Place: 8:30 am at the Sebago Boat Launch
Leaders: Chwen (Jun) Best/Jessica Liu -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 6/15/2024 - Mt. Beacon & Sugarloaf Mountain Loop - 12+ Mile Day Hike / Level D
Hudson Highlands State Park
Route: Start with Casino Trail (red), pass the Ruins of Incline Railway Powerhouse, turn right to Breakneck Ridge Trail (white), pass Mt. Beacon Fire Tower (1653 ft), turn right to Breakneck Bypass Trail (red), turn right onto Wilkinson Memorial Trail (yellow), pass Sugarloaf Mountain (1000 ft), turn left on Fishkill Ridge Trail (white), then the yellow Bypass Trail to Casino Trail (red) back to the parking lot.
Meeting Time/Place: 8:00AM at the trailhead parking lot
Leaders: Iris Liu/XiaoTao Shi -- Click to sign on the activity

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