Chinese Mountain Club of New York

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Information about Chinese Mountain Club

icon-hiker102Who are we?
CMCNY is a nonprofit organization founded in 1985 by a group of outdoor enthusiasts who devoted their leisure time to participate and organize outdoor trips for the local Chinese community. Today, CMCNY has more than 190 members and organizes more than 70 activities each year.

image-hikingbootsWhat do we do?
Hiking, biking, camping, skiing, backpacking, rock climbing, roller-blading, canoeing and more. Help preserve wildness area by cleaning trail paths, educate people to develop an environmental consciousness.

image-campingWho can join the Club?
Everyone is welcome. Whether you are a first time hiker or a sophisticated traveler. CMCNY offers all levels of activities to fit your own ability
Photo by Henry Jiang

image-bikeIs it expensive to become a member?
Not at all. Because CMCNY is a nonprofit organization, we literately do not make any money from the activities. In order to maintain our day-to-day operation, CMCNY collects annual membership fees from $12.00 per person to $20.00 per family. All financial activities of the Club is available to the public. 

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