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Our CMCNY members Li Yong Shuo (阿朔) and George Li have started ...

A list of links (sorted from the newest to the oldest) :

2020-11-26 Congaree National Park, South Carolina (D91)

2020-11-24 Birmingham, Center of the Civil Rights Movement (D89)

2020-11-23 Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas (D88)

2020-11-21 Blackwell, Oklahoma (D86)

2020-11-20 UFO City: Roswell, New Mexico (D85)

2020-11-19 White Sands National Park, New Mexico (D84)

2020-11-18 Mission San Xavier del Bac, NM (D83)

2020-11-17 Tucson Mountain Park, AZ (D82)

2020-11-16 Saguaro NP, Arizona (D81)

2020-11-15 #2 The famous rock formations in Joshua Tree NP (D80)

2020-11-15 #1 Joshua Tree National Park (D80)

2020-11-14 Salton Sea, San Diego (D79)

2020-11-13 Cabrillo National Monument (D78)

2020-11-11 The old town of Visalia in San Joaquin Valley (D76)

2020-11-09 Pinnacles NP East to West entrances Circuit Hike (D74)

2020-11-08 Pinnacles National Park, California (D73)

2020-11-07 Big Sur, Central Californian Coast (D72)

2020-11-06 Beautiful beaches in central coastal California (D71)

2020-11-05 Jug Handle State Natural Reserve (D70)

2020-11-04 Westport-Union Landing State Beach (D69)

2020-11-03 The Black Sand Beach at the north end of the Lost Coast (D68)

2020-11-02 Waited 8 hours for low tide to allow crossing the beach (D67)

2020-11-01 The Lost Coast in California (D66)

2020-10-31 An unnamed beach along the California Coastal Trail (D65)

2020-10-30 Redwood National Park, California (D64)

2020-10-29 Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor, Oregon (D63)

2020-10-28 Points of interest between Harris Beach and Humbug Mtn Campgrounds (D62)

2020-10-27 Cape Blanco State Park, Oregon (D61)

2020-10-26 Chain of pretty beaches from Coos Bay to Bullards Beach SP, Oregon (D60)

2020-10-25 In search of a closer look at the Cape Arago Light (D59)

2020-10-24 The Oregon coast along Highway 101 (D58)

2020-10-23 Thor's Well, 23 miles north of Florence on Highway 101 (D57)

2020-10-22 Mural Paintings in Springfield City and Eugene City, Oregon (D56)

2020-10-21 Foggy sunrise over the Wizard Island (D55)

2020-10-20 Phantom Ship & Pinnacles in Crater Lake NP (D54)

2020-10-19 Crater Lake National Park, OR (D53)

2020-10-18 In search of an energy path to Mount Shasta (D52)

2020-10-17 Cinder Cone, Lassen NP (D51)

2020-10-16 Lassen National Park has all the volcano types (D50)

2020-10-15 Larsen Peak, Lassen Volcanic National Park (D49)

2020-10-14 Sunrise at Mono Lake (D48)

2020-10-13 Mono Lake, California (D47)

2020-10-12 Hike around Fallen Leaf Lake after failed climb on Mt.Tallac (D46)

2020-10-11 Lake Tahoe, California (D45)

2020-10-10 Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, Nevada (D44)

2020-10-09 Reno "The Biggest Little City in the World", Nevada (D43)

2020-10-08 US Route 50,"The Loneliest Road in America", Nevada (D42)

2020-10-07 Wheeler Peak, Great Basin NP, Nevada (D41)

2020-10-06 Bristlecone & Glacier Trails, Great Basin NP, Nevada (D40)

2020-10-05 US Route 50 in Nevada (D39)

2020-10-04 Captitol Reef National Park, Utah (D38)

2020-10-03 #2 Scenic Byway Route 95, Utah (D37)

2020-10-03 #1 Bear Ears National Monument, Utah (D37)

2020-10-02 Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah (D36)

2020-10-01 North Rim, Black Canyon of the Gunnison (D35)

2020-09-30 Gunnison Route, Black Canyon of the Gunnison (D34)

2020-09-29 Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP, Colorado (D33)

2020-09-28 Sunrise at Maroon Lake, Colorado (D32)

2020-09-27 West Maroon Trail, White River National Forest, Colorado (D31)

2020-09-26 Maroon Bells Scenic Area: Four Pass Loop, Colorado (D30)

2020-09-25 Maroon Bells Scenic Area, White River National Forest, Colorado (D29)

2020-09-22 Pinedale, the best transfer point Titcom Basin & Cirque Towers (D26)

2020-09-21 Sunrise at Lonesome Lake, Cirque of Towers, Wind River Range, WY (D25)

2020-09-20 Cirque of Towers, Wind River Range, WY (D24)

2020-09-18 Photographer Point, Wind River Range, WY (D22)

2020-09-17 Titcomb Lakes Trail, Wind River Range, WY (D21)

2020-09-15, 16 Wind River Range, WY (D19 & D20)

2020-09-14 Death Canyon, Grand Teton NP, WY (D18)

2020-09-13 Grand Teton National Park, WY (D17)

2020-09-12 Yellowstone National Park, MT (D16)

2020-09-11 Beartooth Hwy -- The Scenic Hwy of Montana/ Wyoming(D15)

2020-09-10 Boothill Cemetery, Billings, MT (D14)

2020-09-09 Loop Trail Glacier Viewing, Glacier NP, MT (D13)

2020-09-08 Rocky Point & Highline Trail, Glacier NP, MT (D12)

2020-09-07 Sperry Trail to Fish Lake, Glacier NP, MT (D11)

2020-09-06 Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier NP, MT (D10)

2020-09-05 Great Falls City, Montana (D9)

2020-09-04 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, south section, ND (D8)

2020-09-03 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, north section, ND (D7)

2020-09-02 Devils Tower National Monmument,WY (D6)

2020-09-01 Mount Rushmore National Memorial, SD (D5)

2020-09-01 Sunrise at Badlands National Park, SD (D4)

2020-08-31 Badlands National Park, SD (D3)

2020-08-30 Indiana Dunes National Park, IN (D2)

2020-08-29 Cuyahoga Valley National Park, OH (D1)

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