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8/6/00 Leading Training Trip Photos
Trip Organizer: Michael Tam (see Michael’s notes below)

Winnie checks the map before the trip.

George addresses the group during break.

Hurbert and Chen prepare the ropes for the rock climbing while Iris, Tony, George and Yet standing aside and watching.

Hurbert checks with Ah Chen before sending the rest of group down the rope.

Yet was very much enjoying on the way down

Ah Chen was holding other end of ropes at all time to help the others.

Special thanks (from Michael’s perspective) to:
  • George gave us a short lecture on Sun and navigation, but I need more explanation, sorry.
  • Ah Chen kept his down cliff position and shouted out to give advice.
  • Mikey taught me how to do a self-save knot.
  • Hubert demonstrated us how to save a helpless beauty (from the cliff).
  • William, whom was the only one willing to run in my orienteering game.
  • Leo helped me to send out orienteering participants.
  • Winnie gave me a thanks for the orienteering setup.
  • Tony listened to my boring voice at his back when he led.
  • Henry showed me how wonderful is that little back box (GPS).
  • Nancy who found my group was almost empty and joined to support me.
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