“If you can walk, you can hike”.

One good thing about hiking is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started. The essentials are: Small Day Pack, Water, Map of area in waterproof case, Compasses, Flashlight, Food, Hiking Clothes, First Aid Kit, Pocket Knife/Multipurpose Tool, Waterproof/Windproof matches

CMCNY Hiking Rating System

Each hiking activity is rated through grade A-F, the following is the explanation of the ratings:

Level A - Very easy. Mostly flat terrain. 3-5 miles.
Level B - Easy hike. Some hills, 4-7 miles.
Level C - Moderate for most of people. Some steep hills, 5-8 miles
Level D - Challenging, steeper terrain, 8-10 miles
Level E - Strenuous, 9-15 miles
Level F - Difficult, 15 miles +

Hiking Tips

  • Travel only on foot.
  • Stay on the trail - short cuts erode the land and make more work for the volunteers who maintain the trail.
  • If you packed it in, pack it out! Help out by picking up any trash others have left behind, too.
  • Travel in small groups. Four to six is ideal; 25 is the maximum.
  • Respect other hikers and wildlife by traveling quietly
  • Pets are best left at home. If you do bring them, keep them on a leash and way from water source and clean up after them.
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