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Moonlight Beach Walk with CMC
by TIFFANCYCMC,  August 8, 1998

The late afternoon sun gradually diminished from the horizon,
Left behind its passionate trail lingering in the western sky,
Slowly and slowly….fading away,

"It is the end of the day", someone uttered sadly…..
"But it is the beginning of the night," I exclaimed,
"Where is the moon ?" the impatient Tony asked,
Somewhere out there, let us just wait.
The rambling waves of the ocean,

Gently massage the feet of CMC members, who,
Struggling with the sand on the Fire Island shore,
In exchange for the unknown award laying ahead,
Laggardly, laggardly……crawling forward.
Sorry, we might not make it to the forest,
Thomas apologized,

Dinner at the beach was an alternative,
Oh, Yes !  Let the moon be our candle light;
The rushing sound of the ocean be our music; and
The soft sand be our mattress… and the night…
The night came unnoticed,
At the edge of Atlantic Ocean,

A  silver glimmer progressively emerged,
The moon finally became visible,
Proudly showing her full figure and,
  elegantly dancing on the ocean floor.
"That is the Milky Way," Charlie pointed out to us,
Where the lovers met once a year !
  for the unpardonable sin they had committed,
Suggested by the ancient Chinese story teller,
There was silent….

As if we admiring their forever lasting love.
The orange color of the moon seemed brighter,
 competing with the twinkling stars around her ,
"How I wished for a glass of wine," I muttered peacefully,
"No, a cup of hot tea with milk" said by the unromantic Wing Ho,
"Whatever! the night is ours, "  I ignored his remarks, and
   contented with the moment.
The night closed in and our journey came to an end,
The 11 o'clock ferry carried our emotions home,
My head rested carelessly on someone's shoulder,
Countless stars shone upon me,

The gentle breeze urged me to dream,
Dream about the childhood time in China, where
Whispering smell of sweet jasmine,
Drifting into the midnight air

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