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CONGRATULATIONS: Thirty two (32) hikers completed the gruelling 26 miles Gin's Hike on April 22, 2017. Among them Nine (9) were their first attempt; six (6) were seniors of 62+ and one completed the hike in less than 10 hours. These long distance hikers have been training for the past 3 months to challenge themselves in the strenuous hike to start the fundraising campaign for American Lung Association in honor of Gin Goon.
Gin Goon was the late founder of CMCNY. He was a mountaineering and hiking expert. His patience and selfless personality had motivated many of us to become outdoor enthusiasts. Unfortunately, cancer had developed in his lungs in 2003 and he passed away in October the same year. Although we miss him, his legacy lives on in the organization. We honor him every year with the Gin's Hike and the fundraising to American Lung Association.
Thank you everyone who joined the hikes on 4/22/17 to cheer the 26-mile hikers and made a donation. Your encouragement on the trail and support have helped the Gin's hikers to achieve extraordinary results. The fundraising to American Lung Association in honor of Gin Goon continues through the month of May. Every outdoor activity in May will be dedicated to the campaign. Bring your friends and join us for these exciting events.
Donations will best be made by check or money order payable to "AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION". You can bring the donation to the trip leaders on your next hike or mail to CMCNY, PO Box 295, New York, NY 10163. Your contribution is tax deductible to the full extent provided by law. Thank you in advance for your continual support and generous donations.

Saturday 5/27/2017 - Memorial Day Family Camping (3 days, 5/27 - 5/29)
Frances Slocum State Park, PA
Francis Slocum State Park is located in northeastern Pennsylvania. The horseshoe shaped, 165-acre lake is popular for boating and fishing, and is a home to many species of birds, fish, and wildlife. Campground facilities include flush toilets, showers, picnic tables and fire rings. Prepare your own camping equipment and gear. Limit to 60 people. Members have priority. Register online and all fees paid before 5/12. Fee (Include 1st night BBQ); $22 member, $28 non-member, $6 child under 12.
Meeting Time/Place: Contact Leaders for details.
Leaders: Kwok-Chi Ng/Steve Huang/Chung Leung -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 5/27/2017 - 7 miles Day Hike/ Level B
Seven Hills Trail, Harriman State Park, NY
From the Reeves Visitor center, take the Pine Meadow (red) Trail going south-west. Then switch to the 7 Hills Trail (blue) on the left. There are seven ups and downs along the trail. Some of them are quite steep. However you will be amazed on the expansive views on each climb. It is worth the workout. Have lunch on the ridge between North Hill and Chipmunk Mtn. When the blue trail meets the Pine Meadow (red) trail, continue on the 7 Hills (blue) trail up the Diamond Mtn. Change to yellow trail on the right to Pine Meadow (red) trail again. Make a right on the red trail and follow it back to the parking lot.
Meeting Time/Place: 9:00AM Reeves Visitor Center off 7 Lakes Drive
Leaders: Bounla Sayarath (Bobo)/MeiSheng Liu -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 6/3/2017 - 7 & 9 Mile Day Hikes / Levels B & C
Schunemunk Mountain
The trail over Schunemunk Mountain offers a series of fine lookouts and a varied terrain. The Storm King Art Center can be seen from the ridge. Enjoy the special vegetation and rock formations on the ridges. The Megaliths is a must visit lunch spot. Expect some steep up hills and descents.
Meeting Time/Place: 9:00 AM at trailhead
Leaders: Carol Lee/Nancy Liang -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 6/3/2017 - Palisades cliff and Hudson shore Family Hike / Level A
Palisades Interstate Park, NY/NJ
Starting from the State Line Lookout, visit the historic Women's Federation Monument. Follow the Long path along the cliff top heading south to visit breathtaking overlooks. Go down to the Alpine Picnic area and hike along the shore of the Hudson River. Enjoy the cool breeze on the Hudson and the sight of the tantalizing cliffs.
Meeting Time/Place: 9:00AM State Line Lookout parking lot
Leaders: Chung Leung -- Click to sign on the activity

Sunday 6/4/2017 - 7 & 9 Miles Day Hike/ Levels B & C
Pyramid Mountain Natural Historical Area, NJ
This is a natural preserve in the heart of the suburban Morris County, NJ. About 18,000 years ago, the Wisconsin Glacier deposited a number of extraordinary boulders and created beautiful landscapes with numerous swamps and streams in the area. Those in turn, help nourish the amazing array of wildflowers, birds and wild animals in this densely forested park. The area contains a maze of trails with many hidden viewpoints like the Tripod Rock, Bear Rock and to just naming a few. Therefore follow the trip leader and take your time to visit these interesting places. For faster hikers, they can extend the hike to Turkey Mountain and visit the reservoirs.
Meeting Time/Place: 9:00AM PMNHA Visiting Center, Kinnelon, NJ
Leaders: Chung Leung/George Rogers -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 6/10/2017 - 7 Mile Day Hike / Level C
Sterling Forest - NY
Start from the Visitor Center on White Trail, then follow the Red Trial to reach the Fire Tower. Descend from Fire Tower on Blue Trail. Connect to Red Trail and then follow the newly opened Orange Trail to Bare Rock. After lunch at Bare Rock, back on Orange Trail to Blue Trail and return to Visitor Center.
Meeting Time/Place: 9:00 AM at the trailhead
Leaders: Bonnie Sayarath/Joe Chou -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 6/17/2017 - 7 Mile Day Hike / Level C
High Point State Park, NJ
High Point State Park occupies the highest point within NJ and has a natural landscape of unusual beauty. Starting from parking lot on Rt. 23 south of the Park Office, take Blue for a short distance, turn right onto Iris (Red) and then left onto AT (White). After 3/4 mile, turn right onto Blue Dot toward Sawmill Lake. From Sawmill lake service road, go to Mashipacong (Yellow) toward east and cross Rt. 23. Get onto Brown/Yellow, then Kuser Road along Lake Marcia and onto the Monument (Red/Green). After a loop on Monument Trail will reach the Monument. Stay at the Monument for a short break, then get onto AT south toward Iris (Red), and Blue back to the parking lot.
Meeting Time/Place: 9:30 AM at the parking lot on Route 23
Leaders: Chung Leung/Bon Chiu -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 6/17/2017 - 16 Mile Canoeing/Kayaking Trip / Level B/C
Delaware Water Gap, PA/NJ
Adventure Sports on the Delaware River! This is a 16-mile canoeing/kayaking trip from Bushkill to Delaware Water Gap. Paddling time is about 6 hours. 2 people per canoe or tandem kayak, and one person per solo kayak. Canoe is $40 per person and kayak is $44 per person. Children 2-17 years, traveling as a 3rd of 4th person in a canoe is $10. Registration before 6/11/2017. (Adventure Sports address: 398 Seven Bridges Road (Route 209), East Stroudsburg, PA 18301.
Meeting Time/Place: 8:00 AM at Adventure Sports,
Leaders: Leo Sun/Steve Huang -- Click to sign on the activity

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