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The fundraising campaign was concluded at the end of May. A record donations totalling over $5,500 have been collected plus another $700 from corporation matching donation. CMCNY will be presenting the collection of the donations on July 11 to the New York City Office of the American Lung Association in Mid-town.
Gin Goon was the late founder of CMCNY. He was a mountaineering and hiking expert. His patience and selfless personality had motivated many of us to become outdoor enthusiasts. He had lived a healthy life and had no bad habits of smoking or drinking. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2003 shortly after cancer was diagnosed in his lungs. Since then, in every year CMCNY organizes the 26 miles Gin's Hike to fundraise for American Lung Association in honor of Gin Goon.

Saturday 7/29/2017 - 8 Mile Day Hike / Level C
Minnewaska State Park, NY
Come to enjoy a summer day in the Minnewaska State Park. The ridges around Gertrude's Nose have some of the most beautiful views in Minnewaska State Park. Start from the parking lot, walk along the Gertrude's nose trail. Lunch at Gertrude Nose, the highest point. After lunch, we will return on the Millbrook Mt. Path.
Meeting Time/Place: 9:00 AM at New Paltz
Leaders: Shui-Kei Ng/Amy Tien -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 7/29/2017 - Bannerman's Castle Guided Kayaking Tour
Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY
This is an opportunity to get a close-up look at the famous Bannerman's Island Castle. Kayak beneath the mighty Storm King Mountain, crossing the River to Breakneck Ridge where we will head north toward the Island. Then enjoy a leisurely paddle around the region's most prominent landmark while hearing the history behind the castle. Guided tour and kayak rental $60/person. Limit to 25 people. Register before 7/14. A non-refundable deposit of $30/person must be received before 7/27. Deposit check should be made out to "CMCNY".
Meeting Time/Place: 9:30 AM at Kayak Tour Company at Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY
Leaders: Joe Chan -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 7/29/2017 - Minnewaska State Park Family Hike / Level A
Minnewaska State Park, New Paltz, NY
Minnewaska State Park Preserve is situated on the dramatic Shawangunk Mountain ridge, which rises more than 2,000 feet above sea level and is surrounded by rugged, rocky terrain. The hike takes you around Lake Minnewaska and the Awosting Falls. Walk along the carriage road to the sheer cliffs and ledges opening to beautiful views.
Meeting Time/Place: 9:00AM Trailhead parking lot
Leaders: Chung Leung -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 8/5/2017 - 6 & 8 miles Day Hike/ B & C levels
Kittatinny Mountain, Delaware Water Gap, NJ
Hike up Mount Tammany to view the gorgeous geology of the water gap. Then follow the flat fire road on the ridge to Sunfish Pond. Return by the AT trail. Easy hikers can descend from Mt. Tammany to visit the Dunnfield Creek before meeting the AT to end the hike.
Meeting Time/Place: 9:30AM at the trailhead
Leaders: Leo Ngan -- Click to sign on the activity

Saturday 8/12/2017 - 6 and 8 Mile Day Hikes / Levels B & C
Norvin Green State Forest
Start from the Otter Hole trailhead. Follow Blue, then white to Chikahoki Falls. Climb up Carris Hill, then Yoo-Hoo Points and High Points. Visit all the lookout points and return to the trailhead.
Meeting Time/Place: 9:15 AM at the trailhead
Leaders: James Yu/Cindy Choi -- Click to sign on the activity

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  • 1/15/2017 Embracing Nature and Friendships: Patagonia Adventure 2016. Video by Steve & Lily Huang
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    2015 January - Climbing Mount Washington, article by Helen Huang
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    05/10/2014 - Bear Mountain, NY, video by YongShuo Li
    2014 May - Annapurna Circuit 20 Days Hiking Trip (Part 1), article by James Wang
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    2014 May - Climbing Mount Shasta in California (in 2013), article by Helen Huang
    2014 Spring - Mystery Canyon And Its Redbud Tree, article by Chi Chan
    01/19/2014 - Spring Festival Party /Annual Meeting, photos by George Li

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